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8 Strain Probiotic Digestive Supplement (Chicken Flavour x 90 Chews)

8 Strain Probiotic Digestive Supplement (Chicken Flavour x 90 Chews)

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Key Benefits 

Introducing "Vigor & Vitality Pets Health" - your pet's go-to solution for digestive health with our 8 Strain Probiotic Digestive Supplement, now available in a delightful Chicken Flavor with 90 Chews per bottle.

  • Gut Wellness for Happy Pets: Our Probiotic Digestive Supplement is specially crafted to promote a healthy and balanced gut in your furry companion. Packed with 8 carefully selected probiotic strains, it supports optimal digestive function, ensuring your pet's overall well-being.
  • Eight Probiotic Strains: Our formula features a diverse range of probiotic strains, each chosen for its unique benefits in fostering a robust digestive system. From Lactobacillus to Bifidobacterium, these strains work in harmony to maintain a flourishing gut microbiome.
  • Delicious Chicken Flavor: We understand the importance of taste, which is why we've infused these chews with a mouth-watering chicken flavor. This not only ensures easy administration but also turns every dose into a treat your pet will eagerly enjoy.
  • Supports Digestive Harmony: Whether your pet experiences occasional digestive discomfort or you simply want to support their digestive system proactively, our supplement is designed to maintain a healthy balance, promoting optimal nutrient absorption and overall digestive harmony.
  • Convenient and Effective: With 90 chews per bottle, our Probiotic Digestive Supplement offers a convenient and long-lasting solution for your pet's digestive needs. The easy-to-administer chews make it a hassle-free experience, ensuring your pet gets the support they need without any fuss.
  • Quality You Can Trust: Developed under the guidance of experienced veterinarians, Vigor & Vitality Pets Health prioritizes the health and happiness of your pets. Our Probiotic Digestive Supplement is crafted with premium ingredients, ensuring a trustworthy and effective solution for your pet's digestive care.
  • Happy Belly, Happy Pet: Choose Vigor & Vitality Pets Health 8 Strain Probiotic Digestive Supplement for a happy and healthy pet. Elevate their digestive well-being, one delicious chew at a time, and let your pet thrive from the inside out. After all, a content belly equals a content pet!
  • Immune system benefits: It contains prebiotic, which may help improve your dogs gut health and supports immune system.
  • Three prebiotic supplement: Benefits of the prebiotic ingredients are boosted by the added probiotic strains, supporting a strong and healthy gut health
  • 8 - Strain probiotic By incorporating 8 different strains of probiotic bacteria, this supplement helps to support digestive health, as well as the beneficial healthy bacteria that live in the gut.


What's Inside?

Chicken Liver Powder , Natural Chicken Flavor , Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor , Sweet Potato Powder , Potato Starch , Rice Bran , Rice Flour , Sunflower Lecithin , Glycerin , Sorbic Acid , Vitamin E , Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C ) Canola Oil , Water

Guaranteed Analysis per soft chew (4g) 
Moisture (Max) 
Crude Fiber (Max) 
FOS (Fructiiligosaccharides) 
Total Mcroorganisms
Lactobacillus Acidophilus , Enterococcus Faecium , Bifidobacterium Bifidum , Bacillus Coagulans*,Lactobacillus Plantarum 

Bromelain (pineapples - stem , fruit)

Feeding Instructions

Within 5kg - Feed 1/2 Chew Per Day
6-15kg - Feed 1 Chew Per Day
16-30kg - Feed 2 Chews Per Day
31- 50kg - Feed 3 Soft Chews Per Day
50kg Or More - 4 Soft Chews Per Day

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